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The Adventures of CheeseString

Cheese String gets photos taken for his Russian, Mongolian, Belarus and Chinese visas

Cheese String (aka Mr Cheestring) gets photos taken for his Russian, Mongolian, Belarus and Chinese visas. Remember – no smiling!    🙂


Cheese String at Stratford International

Cheese String at Stratford International

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Here is Cheese String about to travel on the EuroStar from London to Paris. He traveled through France to Germany (that was through the night so he didn’t get a photo of Germany) Here he is in Warsaw, Poland. We then went through Belarus … the border guards were too scary for us to get a photo there!!


Cheese String went to Russia. Here he is (above) in Red Square


Look closely above, here he is in Mongolia travelling on the Trans-Mongolian train through Siberia all the way from Russia to China.

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When in China, Cheese String visited the Terracotta Army in Xi’an and the Forbidden City in Beijing.


In Japan, he saw Mt Fuji, Matsumoto Castle and Himeji Castle (all are UNESCO World Heritage Sites) and the famous Sakura Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto and Tokyo.

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Cheesestring had a great time in Alaska, visiting Kodiak and later Juneau.

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In Canada, he was near the Lion’s Gate Bridge, Vancouver (below, photo taken in Stanley Park)


In America Cheese String visited Seattle/Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey … and don’t forget Alaska. See if you can spot him in the photos below ….

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He travelled on the Queen Mary 2 from New York to UK.


And now here he is back in the UK at Southampton. We wonder where next.


Ok – he’s had a break (and got lost for a while at home whilst we unpacked) but his adventures will begin again.

He had a great time in Margate at Margate Meltdown, even getting a ride on a scooter (getting permission first)


He went to Bristol in March.  Why take a photo of the famous suspension bridge when you can get a shot sitting on a bin in an alleyway?!


Also in March, he enjoyed a trip to the Natural History Museum and wasn’t scared to see the big dinosaurs. He has got itchy feet to travel again so I’ll have to think of other places to take him.

He has been known to party all night…

but also appreciates a gentler pace. When the weather is lovely, Cheese String thinks there is no place like Broadstairs!

Ramsgate Harbour was a lovely place to visit….

but the Cutty Sark and Tall Ships Festival in April 2017 at Greenwich also very impressive.

Cheese String loves to go on adventures with Orla and the rest of the family. He was sooooooo happy that his long lost Cheestring family has been following his wild journeys. They even got in touch to give everyone a trip to the cinema and lots of brilliant stickers. Thank you #Cheestring family – we look forward to a lovely trip to The Vue very soon… although we think Mr Cheestring will expect the red carpet treatment! We hope everyone at his original Cheestring home has enjoyed following his travels and is not missing him too much.

Cheese String went to Sandwich to the 1940s weekend event and found another cool street name. We’re not sure how the postman delivers his letters here!

We did finally get around to using our voucher to go to the Vue cinema to see Boss Baby, which was very funny and everyone loved it.

After a few more local adventures, Cheese String went further afield to Salisbury for a few nights. He didn’t get to sample any local cheeses but did visit the Cathedral.

Cheese String had a great time in Birchington at the Quex Park Maize Maze, which grows every summer. Thankfully we all found our way out.

Popping back to mainland Europe, he saw the Manneken Pis in Brussels.

Stopped for a Weissbier in Frankfurt, caught a train to Nuerenburg


and then had a great time in Prague. Who knows where he’ll go next?!