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Wow, I need to update my blog!

I spent a bit longer in Japan, after Disneyland visiting towns in northern Japan.

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It was really fun dressing up in kimonos. Also I made origami cranes and some Japanese school girls taught me to write Japanese characters.

I went on a huge ship called the ms Volendam. The food was great! There was an amazing children’s club with so many fun activities. We travelled from Yokohama to Canada, via Alaska. I crossed the International Date Line.


In Ketchican we went to see a lumberjack show. They were wearing red and black checked shirts and I really wanted one too (I got a green checked shirt later in my travels) They climbed , chopped and sawed. I loved it.

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We visited Kodiak, Juneau and then our ship spent time in Glacier Bay. There were ice bergs everywhere. It was very beautiful and we saw the ice crashing down from the glaciers. I spent time with the Park Rangers who came on board and earned my Pee Wee Ranger award.

Next we went to Canada. In Vancouver we went to Stanley Park, which was like a rainforest.

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In America we completed really long drive from Seattle to New York which took ten days. We drove 3000 miles!!  We stopped of at the Battle of Little Bighorn. I saw lots of cowboy shops selling hats, saddles and lasso rope. Yee ha! I even saw a buffalo in a truck! We saw  the Green Giant in Blue Earth {Minnesota.} In America there were lots of stuffed animals and fast food . I loved the desert we were served in one restaurant … very tasty and great for sharing!

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We travelled from New York to Southampton on the Queen Mary 2, which is a huge ship.


April 2016

On Tuesday I went to Disneyland Tokyo. Let me tell you all about it! We went on  3 trains ,that took about 45 minutes. When we arrived we bought  our tickets and soon saw lots of characters – Pinocchio, Geppetto , Jiminy Cricket, the fox and the cat from Pinocchio, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, the Sherriff of Nottingham and King John as well as Mickey Mouse.

Our first ride was Monsters Inc. hide and go seek. We had to shine our torches at the helmets to make the monsters pop out. It was exciting.



Seamus  liked It’s a Small World and the Winnie the Pooh ride. He was a bit scared of the witch in Snow White ride. Mum and I went to the Haunted Mansion and saw 999 ghosts. Mum was a bit scared. Here’s a photo of me pretending to be frightened.



After that ride I saw even more characters – Flynn Ryder, Esmerelda, Mary Poppins and Bert, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Captain Hook and Smee. They were lovely and very friendly. Gaston and Belle looked great.


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I went on Go Gadget coaster twice. It was very fast. It made Orla scream but she liked it. The best rollercoaster was big Thunder  mountain. All I heard from Orla was waaaaah but it might have been mum instead! Seamus loved driving  in a racing car, so did I.  Afterwards we went to Alice’s teacups which spun quickly, but not as fast as the Roger Rabbit Toon Spin ride!


Then we saw even more characters – Scrooge McDuck, Chip and Dale, Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, a girl Chipmunk and big Brer Bear. Pocahontas and Picca were really nice and spent a long time talking to us. We saw Pluto, Goofy and Little Goofy. On the parade we also saw Huey, Dewey and Louie with Daisy Duck.

Pocahontas: "Seamus, you remind me of a young John Smith"

IMG_20160412_152158 IMG_20160412_152351 IMG_20160412_145539

Everyone enjoyed the Railroad ride, which was a steam train which went through the mountains, taking past huge dinosaurs and volcanoes. Seamus went on this ride twice!

I thought Disneyland Tokyo was really fun!


Saturday 26 March 2016

I am still in Japan, at the moment I am near Mount Fuji. Now for some facts about Japan.

  •  Japan is made up of 6,852 islands.
  • Sumo and baseball are the favourite sports of Japan.
  • Japan is the world leaders of robotics.
  • Ancient warriors of Japan are known as samurais.
  • In Japan there are volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.
  • Some of the well known dishes are sushi, sashimi and tempura.
  • Tokyo is the capital city.
  • The highest point in Japan is Mount Fuji .
  • Mount Fuji is 3,76m
  • The flag of Japan is white with a red circle in the middle.

I wouldn’t want to live in Japan because I don’t like the food. I have visited lots of temples. I’m hoping to visit Universal Studios next week.

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Sunday 20 March 2016

This bit is all about the food in Japan. If you would like to come to Japan, be prepared to eat fish! Lots of fish! Raw fish, cooked fish and fish soup. I was invited to a Japanese family home and learned how to roll sushi. I liked the omelette and the rice but I wasn’t a fan of the raw fish.

I ordered pizza in a restaurant in Japan, and it arrived with a pot of honey for me to pour on the top. How strange!

We are staying in a Ryokan which serves traditional Japanese food, so we were given raw prawns and more raw fish. For breakfast, there was more fish, a cold egg, soup and rice as well as some strawberries. We were given red bean cake when we arrived – well, we think that’s what it was! We had to eat it with a small stick and it was served on a leaf. My dad has served us green tea.

I have liked some of the food in Japan. There is a great café called Mr Donut which all of our family loved!  So far the food in Japan has been very different and tried unusual things. If you were in Japan, what would you try?

IMG_20160319_154638  IMG_20160317_204950  IMG_20160319_174811




Sunday 13 March 2016.

Last week I was in China, now I am in Japan. Let me tell you about China. There were lots of different foods in the market. We saw live scorpions, snakes, starfish, spiders, beetles and octopus. We tried some candy floss in the shape of a flower. It got very messy.

Dream, our guide, took us to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. We went on the chair lift high above the trees and I was very disappointed that the toboggan ride was closed as I was really looking forward to that. The view was pretty. In the restaurant later I tried lamb and duck ordered by our new friends.

In Xi’an we saw the Terracotta Warriors. There were hundreds. Each one had a different face. There are over 7000 but only about 2000 are unearthed. Some were so broken they couldn’t be put back together. My favourite bit in Xi’an was the dancing fountain. It played along to different music.

In the Wild Goose Pagoda I stood next to the Happy Buddha and I rubbed his tummy for good luck.  I had my name written for me in Chinese writing by one of the volunteers. He said ‘Aoife’ translates to The Best Lily. I like that.



Monday 22 February 2016

I have been on a train for 2 days and now I have arrived in Moscow. I have been playing lots of card games and my mummy made me do some homework. It was very warm on the train. And the soldiers with guns came on board to check our passports. It was OK they let us in to Russia. In Moscow it has been snowing all day and we are 3 hours ahead of you in England.




Friday 12 February 2016

Today was my last day of school. Most people said they would miss me. I will miss my teachers and my friends. My mummy and daddy will be my teachers for a while. I wonder if they will be as nice as Mrs Goodson. I am looking forward to the school disco tonight. It will be the last chance to say goodbye to everyone before we set off.






Yesterday I had two injections in my arm. I had to sit very still. I went first to set an example. How brave am I? I got a sweet and a chocolate bar for being so brave.

I am quite excited about travelling because in China there is a toboggan ride which I really want to try. If I do I will post my own video here to show you.