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Seamus is too little to write this himself. Today he went to London and helped to give in our applications for Russian visas. He looks good in mummy’s Russian headgear but we think he prefers his own Ninja Turtle hat.


Come on down O’Sullivan family. You are next!


February 2016     I went on the train to London to see my brother Eoin. We had pizza. The next day I went on a train to France to see Jules. After that I went on a train with beds!! I have been telling everyone for ages that I was going to be on a train with beds! I liked it and so did my teddy.

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Seamus has been a super star travelling to Russia. He loved the snow… well actually he loved the snow tractors clearing the road! Wow.

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In China, Seamus was the king of the selfies, surrounded by requests wherever he went, which he took in good humour. However, the highlight of his trip has been the fabulous water fountains in Xi’an. He walked on the Great Wall of China and saw the Terracotta Warriors.

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After China, Seamus went to Japan. He loved the aquarium in Osaka, the very fast trains, the play parks and meeting new friends. The robots and the toilets with countless buttons have also been a great hit.

For someone so little, he is managing well with the ever changing surroundings, unfamiliar language and foods. He often asks about our Broadstairs home, his friends and mentions fish and chips and our French friend Nicolas every day. He has sent postcards to his playgroup, posting them himself (hope they got there, he was rather indiscriminate as to which post box he used!) Seamus even tries his hand at the language, with an Arigato or Konnichiwa here and there, although usually after we’ve said goodbye.

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He made great friends in the park, approaching a group of much bigger kids and asking if he could play. They were great with him, trying to communicate in English and teach him how to catch and kick the ball. Arigato Tokyo   boys!

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In Japan, Seamus was lucky enough to be able to wear a kimono and uwagi with samurai sword … thank goodness it was plastic. He’s tried his hand at origami and Japanese calligraphy.

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He has seen amazing live lobsters crabs at the markets of Japan and also was able to hands on at the conservation centre in Alaska, holding starfish and other sea-life.

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He has sailed across seas and oceans and crossed the International Date Line.


Fire trucks in Kodiak and Ketchikan (Alaska) were cool. He was even invited to sit on the big yellow truck. And in Canada, he spotted the Mounted Police (he was happier to see them than the photo otherwise suggests!)

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He’s spotted many American police cars along the way (we asked if we could take photos, as they carry guns in this country)

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