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After Canada, we went to America. We travelled from Seattle to New York – that’s 3000 miles. I saw lots of cool things on the way.
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I then crossed the North Atlantic as I travelled from New York to Southampton on the Queen Mary 2 and arrived back in Broadstairs on 25th May.
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May 2016
From Japan I got a ship to Canada. It was called MS Volendam. It’s a big ship with lots of fun things to do. Me and my Mum saw singers, dancers, jugglers and entertainers. I went to a Club for children and it was called Club HAL. I did fun things like moose races, had a magical Harry Potter evening, pillow fights, art, we made a camp called Camp Kikiwaka, had an indoor snowball fight, but my favourite thing was going to get ice – cream!
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We stopped at some ports in Japan. At Kushiro I  dressed up in a kimono. It felt really nice. In other places, I was a squid, ha ha
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Our ship also made some stops in Alaska. I saw 4 lumberjacks in a show. They used axes and saws. It was cool, yo.
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I saw glaciers. I watched as the ice fell down in the distance. In the sea, there were icebergs and sea lions. It was very cold and it was snowing when we went outside.
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We arrived in Vancouver, Canada after 19 days from setting off from Yokohama, Japan. I crossed the International Date Line during the journey.
In Canada, I spent time in Stanley Park. The trees were huge and the flowers were pretty. I looked for bears. I liked the play ground.
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April 2016

I went to Disneyland Tokyo, it was lots of fun. We went on It’s a Small World, which is a boat ride visiting singing models of children from different countries. I liked this ride as it was pretty and exciting. I got to go on it twice.

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I went on the brilliant Monsters Inc. ride. You had to shine your torch on a blue helmet and then the monsters will pop from under the helmet. It was very good. Then we went on the Snow White ride. Each carriage is named after one of the dwarfs. Dad and Aoife were in the Grumpy car, ha ha ha!

Pinocchio’s Daring Journey was fun but sad because Strombolli who locked up Pinocchio almost trapped us but our car managed to escape. I like the Carousel a lot, the girl next to me had a belt which didn’t work so my dad helped her and her mum said to hold on tight. The teacups were cool, I went on them twice.

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I liked meeting the characters, Chip and Dale were sweet. Pocahontas was very friendly. I liked Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Mary Poppins and Prince Charming. We saw lots of characters during the day. My favourite was Daisy Duck.


Big Thunder Mountain was a very fast roller coaster. I recommend this ride because it is fantastic. The Gadget Go Coaster was smaller but it was still lots of fun – I went on this twice.  I drove Dad round the Grand Circuit in a racing car and also went on the Toon Spin ride.

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Sunday 27 March 2016.

I am in Japan and staying near Mount Fuji. Here are some facts ….

  • Mount Fuji is located on Honshu Island.
  • It’s an active volcano that last erupted in 1707-08.
  • It’s the highest mountain peak in Japan at 3,776.24m
  • It is one of Japan’s “Three Holy Mountains” along with Mount Tate and Mount Haku.
  • It’s also a special place of scenic beauty UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When I saw Mt Fuji, it still had snow on the top! It is not the right season to climb so it is not open to walkers. Sometimes it has been totally covered in clouds. I have been telling my family facts about volcanoes. Here I am near Mt Fuji.




Sunday 20 March 2016

Let me tell you about Japan. We have seen rice grow in the paddy field.

We are staying in a Ryokan which is a traditional hotel. It has a bath which they fill in the morning and the guests share once they are clean. We sleep on the floor on futons and sit on floor cushions rather than seats. Our food has been rice, noodles and fish. We are very close to a temple and waterfalls.

We have to wear slippers on our feet and different slippers when we go to the bathroom. Our walls are sliding paper doors.



Sunday 13 March 2016

Last week I was in China. In China, lots of people took photos of me and my family because I have blonde hair. In the market there was different foods. Starfish, frogs, snakes, octopus, beetles, crickets, spiders and scorpions, YUCK!!!!

We saw the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an. There were 7300. Did you know that they’re over 2000 years old, but were only discovered 40 years ago ? We went to see the Great Wall Of China. Because it was so high up we had to go on the chair lift. I saw the trees underneath  my feet. It was cool.

Today I’m in Japan! In Japan I’ve just came back from the super market. Yesterday I went to Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium There were lots of fish, jellyfish, dolphins, spider crabs, sharks, penguins, turtles, otters, capybaras, stingrays but my favourite were the seals that did tricks for some fish. So if you’re in Japan I recommend families come here.

IMG_20160312_130048  IMG_20160312_133359


Monday 21 February 2016

I finally got to Moscow and it was snowing really hard! I have been sleeping on a train for two nights. I got to be on the top bunk! There was a restaurant on the train and I had Polish scrambled eggs for breakfast with ham.  For dinner I had spaghetti. Mmmmmmm.




Friday 12 February 2016

It was my last day at school today. I finished a story before Drama. My class made me a big, brown card and in golden time they made me some little cards. Aoife and I were given a Leavers’ Certificate in assembly. I will miss my school.


Hi, I’m Orla. I feel exited about travelling. Yesterday I had another injection. It felt weird and hurt a bit. I had a sweet afterwards because I was so brave. I will have another injection next week.

I am going to travel with my toy Cheese String and I will take photos of him in different places. I really want to visit the North Pole because Santa lives there.