O'Sullivan family travels and beyond


Meet the family.

Ian got the travelling bug many, many years ago in his 20s and early 30s but is surprised to be returning … especially with extra people in tow. He is most looking forward to visiting Japan and the prospect of traveling with his children.

This will be Caroline’s first big travel expedition and start of big adventures since turning 40. It’s going to be a challenge with 3 children but one which is hoped to be a wonderful family experience. As she regularly loses Ian in the supermarket, he’s been warned to stay close or risk having to wear ID alarms like the children.

Aoife will be 9 at the start of her travels and this will be a very big departure from going to her local primary school. She hopes her school and rugby friends will follow her journey from their classroom and will send postcards too.

Orla is 7 and will be the humour along the way for us all. She is interested in seeing new foods and promises not to whinge too much about trying them.

Seamus, although very young and unlikely to remember much of this trip, we hope he enjoys looking at the photos and the hearing the stories as he gets older of his travels as a toddler.

Big brother Eoin will be continuing with his studies at uni when we set off. He’s well travelled having just recently been to Iceland and Canada, and trips to Australia, New Zealand, Penang, Singapore and Malaysia when he was much younger. “We’ll be in touch for tips, Eoin!”

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  1. Looking forward to following your adventures. Time is moving on so it seems unlikely we’ll get to see you before you leave 😦

    Love to you all. Keep well, keep safe and have a fantastic time!

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  2. Just saw your blog, it will be great letting Aoife’s Rugby team know what she is up to and what part of the world she is now in each week we have a home fixture. Hope all of you have a fantastic time. Safe Journey, The Coach x


  3. Just found a link to your blog on one of your FB posts today! Will keep up now I know where to find you all, and it’s great to see you’re all having a swell time! x Ibukun

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  4. Hello Guys! Just read about your travels through the USA, its great keeping up with what you are doing (and passing on highlights to mam). Not sure if you are in Uk now. Hope you are all well xx
    I found everyone in NYC to be friendly and chatty. Feel like I let the side down by eating in the Hard Rock Cafe but reedemed myself by finding a proper diner, like the ones in flims and having pancakes! I fitted in a lot of tourist stuff, averaging over 21 000 steps per day over the trip. I also quite enjoyed sitting in one of the many parks yesterday enjoying the sun and people watching. There was an exceedingly bossy new yorker yelling at the queue in the ladies restroom in Macys that everyone was queuing in the wrong place. Most people didnt understand her whereas myself and the two heavily fake tanned Geordie lasses infront of me, just refused to move.. luckily I don’t think the bossy lady understands Geordie accents, I was trying very hard not to laugh 🙂 take care xxxx


  5. Great to follow family trip around the globe and share your experience. It s like we are traveling through all of you
    Great blog
    Saracens won the euro rugby cup here in Lyon Great team and atmosphere. I miss our sms exchange during crunch game !!
    All the best
    Froggies family


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