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Happy New Year

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Having the lurgy put a bit of a dampener on the festive season, but we’re on the road to recovery even though we are still sounding a little husky.

Christmas was quiet but really nice – with family, fun and good food. Thankfully Santa paid a visit and everyone seemed really happy with their surprises.

We played the (now traditional) game of ‘Punch a Present’ on Boxing Day. We’re not sure how much Ian appreciated his prize of a squishy plastic rat in honour of the one at his allotment which keeps avoiding all attempts to be caught.

After being housebound and living on a steady stream of Christmas movies, we were well and truly ready to get out and so pleased we recovered in time to make the annual trip to the Marlowe Theatre Christmas pantomime. Our lovely neighbours organised the trip as our Christmas present, which we all enjoyed immensely.  This year was Peter Pan.  Seamus was the most excited, judging by his shouting! Aoife loved Ben Roddy, the Dame and Lloyd Hollett who appear every year and Orla loved Hook, Tinkerbell and the acrobats. The music was as fab as ever and the cast were great – full of energy although by this stage of the run they must be exhausted! A great performance, a wonderful gift – thank you.

The start of January has seen the weather continuing to be dull and dreary, but this has meant many of the rainy day activities have come into play. The girls have been making models and experiments from their science kits, Seamus seems to be addicted to dot to dot and mazes, and everyone has been constructing things from his Christmas gift workbench.

We’ve also been doing a lot of baking and playing rugby – but not at the same time!


But despite the depressing weather, we’ve still been out and braved the cold and ventured further than the rugby pitch. We wrapped up as warm as we could and walked the Saxon Shore Way at Sandwich with a well-earned McDonalds afterwards. Thankfully it was a tad too cold for anyone on the beach known to be frequented by naturists.

Our ‘Out and About’ side also saw us taking part in Voice100, award-winning composer and sound artist Emily Peasgood’s project which will be launched on International Women’s Day. We went to her recording studio and each shared our thoughts about voting rights, women and how society is and was for women … although Seamus diluted the Girl Power effect somewhat with his announcement that girls “can’t be scientists because they would scream when there is an explosion.” Seamus! Anyway, there will be a premier in March at the Turner Contemporary – so there’s plenty of time for me to buy him a gag!

Quieter evenings saw us heading to the cinema to see the animated film, Ferdinand and on another occasion we managed a sneaky trip to Kaspa’s to see if the desserts matched the hype. Judging by Orla’s expression, we think we can say they did.


Treats aside, we’re now firmly back into the routine of hosting students, working and going to school. Seamus has been learning about endangered species and had to dress in black and white for the fund-raising WWF Panda Day. His parents’ evening was very positive (phew!) Orla is learning about The Black Death and Aoife’s topic is the human body, both of which can make for some dramatic and graphic conversations over dinner time – urgh!

The kids have been fortunate to attend a few birthday parties these past few weeks and we have one of our own to organise for later this month too. This means we’ve had no time to make any New Year’s resolutions … … perhaps next month, if things are a little less busy.

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We are Caroline and Ian. We recently undertook an adventure, packing up everything and travelling with our three children. Our blog started as a way of capturing our memories of the preparation and interesting aspects of our journey. After a twist of fate, we're back in the UK much sooner than expected so who knows what's next for us now we're back home with our three kids in tow!

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