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Manchester sadness and positive thoughts

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Truly saddened by recent world events including the horrific attack in Manchester.  It is hard to know how best to discuss such tragedies with the kids but we’ve always tried to go with an honest approach, inviting questions as they arise.  The natural reaction is to want to shield the children from anything which may distress but that can give more worries and concerns as they find out information second or third hand.  Aoife mentioned that a friend was meant to be going to the London date of the Ariana Grande tour, as she had been given tickets for Christmas, so had obviously been talking with her friends.  It is so heartbreaking to think about the lives lost and the injuries and trauma to people.

Because of that, it has been difficult to summon a level of enthusiasm to do much but I am equally of the belief that fear should not limit us, so onwards we go …

Kindest to others is one way.  We had been busy the previous Saturday baking together. Seamus and Orla made a huge carrot cake for the family and mini cupcake sized ones to distribute to our neighbours. I take it that it was soooo delicious, Daddy obviously couldn’t wait to take a slice before we got a photo!

Seamus, who is thankfully too young to have the awareness of world events (his biggest concern this week was making sure he had the correct coloured socks for nursery photograph day) has been enjoying the glorious weather. He only attends nursery in the mornings, meaning the afternoons are free to be spent doing other stuff or chilling watching Cbeebies. He has been to the beach to collect shells and crab legs, after a little visit to knock on the Fairy Door near the High Street sweetie shop on the way.

Both girls have had a wonderful time at their respective school discos.  Orla doesn’t believe in dressing down for any event, so looked as if she was Pippa Middleton’s extra bridesmaid.  Aoife looked especially grown up too and was most pleased to be there until 9pm!

The latest craze, after the short-lived (and banned-from-school just as I ordered on ebay) fidget spinners, is now slime. Apparently there a hundreds of youtube videos showing how to make slime at home using household items. I tried to get them to stay clear of the more toxic sounding chemicals such as contact-lens solution and Borax, so our efforts may be less successful than professional blogging slimers in their stylish, unmessy kitchens. Seamus particularly liked playing with cornflour and water, watching the mixture thicken then return to liquid. His toy soldiers were well and truly covered. The girls, with a friend, mixed various potions and made some well and truly gloopy, gooey substances.

They also wanted to make edible emoji poo which as you can imagine was as delightful as it sounds. We used a Curly Wurly as it is a chocolate coated caramel. They then tried to sculpt it into the desired shape. The chocolate was a bit too crumbly, so perhaps there are more suitable chocolate bars to use, but it worked for the most part… and yes, they ate it!  Much hilarity and joking followed. “Are you playing with your poo?!” “Mummy, she’s eating poo”  Urgh – I am hoping the next craze comes along soon.

Other activities included making bracelets and pendants out of drinking straws which were melted between baking paper sheets.

The allotment, aka Ian’s Sanctuary, is in full glory at this time of year. The garlic is ready to be harvested, the broad beans are fattening, the glut of spinach is blanched and in the freezer, the strawberries are ripening (that’s if they hadn’t been picked by an over eager Seamus!) Despite the ever-changing conditions faced so far this year (mild, drought like, then frost, followed by heavy rain, now heat wave) many of Ian’s crops are doing well. The question is, does that mean we give each other a chest freezer or pickling jars as an anniversary gift?!

So half term holidays are fast approaching, and even in such saddening times, I’ve got to keep positive thoughts and get my mojo back to find fun things for the kids to do. After all, you do not fight darkness with a sword, you defeat it with light.




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We are Caroline and Ian. We recently undertook an adventure, packing up everything and travelling with our three children. Our blog started as a way of capturing our memories of the preparation and interesting aspects of our journey. After a twist of fate, we're back in the UK much sooner than expected so who knows what's next for us now we're back home with our three kids in tow!

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