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Christmas is coming….

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“Where’s the tape?”

“Here it is, under the paper.”

“Now where did I put the scissors!”

“Where’s the tape … I swear I just had it!”

This is a scene on a constant loop at the moment in our house as Christmas preparations are well underway… and yes, I DO talk to myself!   Lists have been written and sent to Santa, carols have been sung and for the first time ever, we weren’t the last ones to put our tree up.  However, I am getting ahead of myself.

It’s been a busy month with language students

and also Ian becoming the minibus driver for the language college. We have been lucky to have had some wonderful students stay with us and hope they have had a wonderful time in the UK.


We’ve tried to do memorable things, such as having an English cream tea. Seamus made a wonderful waiter, showing everyone to their seats. Check out the tie! We had an early Christmas celebration bringing out the Xmas crackers and mince pies as well having as sushi and noodle nights too.

003 005 008 015 014

We’ve also had the kids and students baking. Team Cupcake vs Team Cookie. We’ve even perfected the “British Bake Off pose” of waiting by the oven as the lovely cakes and biscuits cook. The students got to take lots of cookies to their class friends, which went down very well, although I must say the supervised batch was better than the later efforts 🙂

419 411 410 409

We visited the impressive Shell Grotto in Margate, where millions of shells set in intricate patterns were discovered in 1835. It is not known who decorated the grotto, when or indeed why.  It’s worth a wee visit for those who are in the area and due to its size, it doesn’t take too long to see meaning we then had time to pop into the Turner Gallery on Sunday afternoon after rugby.

japanese-student-hikaru-and-emika-with-aoife-orla-and-seamus-at-shell-grotto 004

Staying in Broadstairs, we always enjoy going to feed carrots and apples to the donkeys and alpacas near Elmwood Farm, very close to our house. We pass them every day on the way to school. Seamus thinks they are very funny. Usually it is the greedy donkeys which come the closest but we were lucky enough to have a visit from the alpacas (…or are they llamas, I don’t really know)

013 011

We took the kids to see the beautiful lights on the boats at Ramsgate Harbour. Each year, more and more boats take part and the effect is wonderful. It was great to see the houses decorated with Christmas lights on the way back. It is amazing the effort some people go to.

ramsgate-boat ramsgate-boat-2

Orla has recently been asked to join the school choir and it was really nice to see her performing at the Tree Festival in St Peter’s Church where dozens of trees had been decorated by schools, shops and community groups such as the Scouts, walking and friendship groups. We went with our lovely neighbour and we even saw Father Christmas there.

045 047 044 037 050

Our own tree is equally impressive with a team effort on the decorating front (bar Daddy, the armchair supervisor) I always love having a Christmas tree and have collected decorations over many years. Some were made by friends who are no longer with us, many were made by the kids when they were small and some come from different places we have visited. The tree is so special to me and I can’t imagine not having it each year. Thank you kids for doing such a great job and for not breaking my one legged pipe cleaner elf.

003 005 006 011

There is still 11 days to go, and the kids have a school panto, nursery party, year 4 party, school carol service and U6s rugby party to go. We will be meeting up with big brother before Christmas too and hope he takes his present of beard baubles in good humour! it was that or a shaving kit.

I still have wrapping to do. Seamus helped me make the ‘punch a present’ game which was very popular last year even though everyone was ill (photos 2 and 3 were taken last year) Everyone has to perform a little task before being able to break through the paper for their present. Here’s hoping we are all still in fine form to enjoy it again soon… and I get the rest of the wrapping done in time for the big day itself!

059 061 065




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  1. Loving reading your blog

    Merry Christmas xxx


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