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Autumn Montage


November’s here, the world’s still reeling from the US presidential election results (I am still recovering from the Brexit shambles, and so tired of such hatred in politics at the moment – especially as we had White Supremacists / WLM organise a march in the next town last month!) Anyway, onwards we go …

Orla has been learning about the USA at school and has been given some great homework, so we decided to embrace that. Last week she had to research the Battle of the Little Bighorn, and she was able to include info and photos from our visit to the memorial in Montana.  This week she has to organise an American meal, so we’re braced for her cooking hotdogs (veggie, of course) and fries. Not one to do things by halves, the next door neighbours were invited and US themed fancy dress was on the cards.  Goodness know what the teacher will think goes on in our house when he sees her report!

Her idea to call her pop up restaurant ‘McDonald Trumps’ has had me giggling.  Decorations include signs and pictures of American icons and we even included the much talked about Wall, so we’re topical too.

Seamus decided he would like to be US astronaut, Neil Armstrong – well, as he is only 4, he actually just wanted be a space man, but we’ve made it fit the theme of the evening.  Aoife was TOLD by Orla that she’d have to be the Statue of Liberty, as Orla had bagged the rights to be Sacajawea / Pocahontas or anyone else which means she can dress like a Native American she has so enjoyed learning about. With an array of supporting cast of Cowboys and politicians, we were all ready for a good night and – I have to type it –  good food …

img_20161109_132051 img_20161109_155133 img_20161109_155333 img_20161109_162015 img_20161109_163552 img_20161109_180135 img_20161109_180853 img_20161109_181613 img_20161109_181835img_20161109_163334 img_20161109_165922 img_20161109_170842 img_20161109_185836




It’s been busy as usual at home, with language students from Italy and then Germany staying with us as well over previous weeks.  We have met some wonderful people and hope they have enjoyed their time in Broadstairs and their stay with our family.

A rare, student free weekend we celebrated Halloween. It was as fun as ever, and we spent it taking part in the Trick or Treat Trail in Broadstairs High Street. Such fun to see hundreds of mini witches, pumpkins and skeletons visit each of the shops for sweets and cupcakes. Aoife was lucky enough to go to a friend’s party afterwards too.

img_20161028_140921 img_20161028_140940 img_20161028_142239 img_20161028_142736 img_20161028_164448 012

We enjoyed carving pumpkins at home. Even Seamus managed to complete one and so did our lodger from France, Jules. We never did get round to making pumpkin pie though, despite the kind gift of an extra pumpkin from a lovely neighbour.

img_20161026_165752 img_20161026_170157 img_20161026_170405 img_20161026_175408 img_20161026_195943

However even with our best efforts, we couldn’t compete with the wonderful pumpkin grown by Ben at Beechgrove a Bruderhof Community where we have some lovely friends.  Check out Ben’s story in the link attached to his name to show you his project. It is an amazing video. We always appreciate spending time at Beechgrove, including the Lantern Walk. It is a place which helps us to reflect as it embodies family values, community and more. Even though we are not particularly religious, we have the utmost respect for the beliefs and works of the community, which give so much both here and around the world and thank them for their hospitality, friendship and kindness.

orla-beechgroveimg_20161105_174518 img_20161105_174610

To reflect our change of pace in life, Ian has been spending every waking moment at the allotment (his second home) and we’ve been fortunate enough to eat what has grown. He’s even been making chutneys with the tomatoes which didn’t ripen – Tom and Barbara from The Good Life here we come!! He’s currently encouraging the children to earn their pocket money by collecting the hops from the brewery for his compost – I would go on about exploitation and child labour laws but think the children are fleecing him!

004 005 006

We all had a wonderful half term holiday recently (another Staycation!)  We loved our visit to the Hornby Visitor Centre near Margate. They had a Halloween themed event and the children also got to paint models to take home. The centre is great and well worth a visit. There was a treasure hunt of clues to solve as we went round the displays and of course, they loved the Scaletrix.  Brilliant day out and kept everyone’s interest – not easy to do with their differing ages. We’ve been before, and will be back.

img_20161025_112107 img_20161025_113226-copy img_20161025_113326 img_20161025_124157 img_20161025_125522 img_20161025_125554 img_20161025_125640

We also ventured to Rascal Bay Adventure Golf  near Manston, Ramsgate. A wee bit pricey, even for a family ticket, but it was fun. The mini golf has everything Seamus loves – dinosaurs, pirates and as it was approaching Halloween, the surrounding moat was flowing red – urgh! A couple of hole in ones, a few more hole in twelves!


img_20161026_115603 img_20161026_120227 img_20161026_121526 img_20161026_122309 img_20161026_122505


Orla has been busy with a inter-school running event which she enjoyed and Aoife and Seamus have been taking part in rugby each week.  Let’s see what the future holds as the winter approaches and what comes next …. after this election result, quite frankly anything is possible!

orla-medal img_20161023_120052001

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