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Road trip USA – Part II – Heading East

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Ho ho ho, Green Giant!  And we got to meet him at his home in Blue Earth, Minnesota.  He’s over 55′, has size 78 feet and we only came up to his ankles. Can you even see us in the picture?!

We needed to keep heading east. Driving through Wisconsin, we crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois. After lots of heavy rain, the weather has cleared although remained overcast, so we have managed to get many of the necessary miles done.

001 108

We stopped at Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to see Punxsutawney Phil as we knew from the film Groundhog Day (… but were about 25 years too late to see Bill Murray) Every February 2nd, Punxsutawney Phil appears and forecasts the weather for the next six weeks. A shadow means six more weeks of winter. No shadow means spring is just around the corner. Judging by today’s rain, not just spring, but summer is delayed too! Most groundhogs live about 6-8 years, but Punxsutawney Phil drinks a special elixir each year which gives him 7 more years. So he’s over 100. We spotted lots of Groundhog statues around town, however Orla remains convinced they are chipmunks.

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We have stayed in some lovely motels – all have been very clean and comfortable and some have been really excellent value as we can all stay in one room/suite (such as in Pennsylvania where we got a lovely large room, with big bathroom, own fridge, microwave, free cookies/candies/fruit/hot drinks, free wifi, colouring packs for the kids, hot buffet breakfast, nice pool and hot tub for £67 for us all)

Food has been much better than we had expected and we have been able to get veggie options quite easily without having to live on fries or omelette. We have also experience a lovely surprise when a kind gent quietly picked up our bill at a restaurant/bar in Hazelton, PA. Thank you so much, we’ll pass the kindness on!

077   045 047

048 001

A few more days to go before the car rental deadline and a few more miles to get under our belt… however, instead of an early night, we’re watching Monsters University on TV and eating crisps (Orla: Americans say ‘chips’, mom)



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