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From Russia with Love


Red Square, Moscow

Red Square, Moscow

Lucky dog at the station

Lucky dog at the station


Bit of a delay in posting as the Great Firewall of China and slow internet connection is making life a bit tricky to update our blog. However, we are alive and well. I will have to add photos later as the hamster turning the wheel hasn’t been fed enough noodles to generate the upload speed. I can’t even Facebook them in the meantime as it’s blocked. (Hooray, I can upload them now!!)

Moscow was lovely, the snow making it more magical. We enjoyed time at the Christmas?! Market at Red Square, the Tomb of the Unknown Solider and we saw the traffic grind to a halt as a procession of black cars left the Kremlin. The police were everywhere in the city in big groups which takes some getting used to.

Our hotel was nice and Ian was treated with chocolates as it was Man’s Day in Russia. However, they arrived in Aoife’s name so that led to a big debate as to who was the rightful owner.

Seamus was the star of selfies in the bars and fantastic Georgian restaurant we visited. The entertainer must have been a friend of the owner, but it was still a nice evening with good veggie choices of food, including skewered roasted veg, spicy salads and fresh breads. On the whole, food in Russia was quite good value – cheaper to eat out than England.

We visited the impressive underground stations – highly decorated with mosaics, ceiling paintings and huge statues. Ian wants to write about that when we have better connection as he has some lovely photos.
We also went to some huge shopping malls, on was so posh and impressive and another devoted to children’s stores. The toy shop had free train rides, carousel and ride on motorbikes as well as a performance in the mall lobby featuring a cast of dozens in a variety of costumes.

We all had a nice time – Seamus loved the snow ploughs and snow tractors, the girls enjoyed honey cake and curd fritters. However, we didn’t try any vodka during our stay in Russia – maybe next time.

The next leg is the long trip through Siberia and Mongolia all the way to Beijing …. 6 nights, 4 bunks, 3 kids and no internet, radio, tv or showers! Wish us luck.

Author: threekidsintow

We are Caroline and Ian. We recently undertook an adventure, packing up everything and travelling with our three children. Our blog started as a way of capturing our memories of the preparation and interesting aspects of our journey. After a twist of fate, we're back in the UK much sooner than expected so who knows what's next for us now we're back home with our three kids in tow!

6 thoughts on “From Russia with Love

  1. Hi!
    Good to read you’re still alive and well! No vodka? Hope you tried smuggled caviar at least 😉
    Anyway, glad to read your adventures, and it’s an excellent way to practice a bit of english with Jules.
    Love to you all
    PY & family


  2. Loving the blog Caroline good luck with the next leg of the trip xx


  3. Good luck!!! Noce to know you are all safe and enjoying your adventure xx


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